Reliable, accurate measurement and control of differential air pressure
  • Dry media sensors used in applications where you want to measure extremely low pressure such as: building/room pressure, air flow, variable air volume filter status, and duct pressure
  • Ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, fume hoods and computer rooms
  • Available in panel mount (P7640A), duct mount (P7640B) and universal mount (P7640U)
  • Selectable inches w.c. or Pascal scale
  • Selectable fast or standard response time
  • Duct mount model comes with factory installed duct probe
  • The Universal model comes with attachable duct probe and can be used in either panel or duct mounting application
  • P7640 Series Dry Media Sensor
Reliable, accurate measurement and control of differential liquid pressure
  • Use to monitor and control pump differential pressure, chiller/boiler differential pressure drop and chilled water/hot water system differential pressure
  • Provides excellent system compatibility and increased jobsite flexibility while allowing you to stock fewer models
  • Ideal for measuring pressure across pumps, filters, heat exchangers, compressors and other non-corrosive wet media applications
  • Rugged, die-cast enclosure provides NEMA 4 sealing
  • All models offer both push button and digital input to zero the output
  • Jumper-selectable output switch for normal or reverse operation provides application flexibility
  • PWT Series Pressure Sensors
Single point gauge pressure sensor
  • Two-wire 1-20mA gauge pressure sensor
  • Available in pressure ranges up to 1000 psi
  • All metal wetted parts for use in a wide variety of fluid applications
  • Suitable for use with refrigerants
  • No internal elastomeric seals mean no o-ring compatibility issues
  • Reverse polarity and overvoltage protection protects against reversed excitation
  • High speed measurement with less than 2 ms response time
  • Product Resources for MLH Gauge Pressure Sensors