High quality at a lower cost
  • Exceptional long-term monitoring and control of space ventilation
  • Standalone Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors and Controllers used for determining ventilation necessity with HVAC controllers
  • Manage the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to maintain acceptable levels of CO2 in the space
  • Ultra compact size with selectable ranges
  • Models available with an LCD screen that provides sensor readings and status information
  • Available with SPST relay output
  • Gold-plated sensor provides long-term calibration stability
  • Advanced RTU retrofit solution integration
  • C7232 CO2 Sensors
Temperature and CO2 in a single wall mount
  • Standalone CO2 and temperature sensor with two jumper adjustable outputs
  • Available with or without an LCD display
  • Non-Dispersion-Infrared (NDIR) technology used to measure carbon dioxide gas
  • Models available with SPST relay output
  • Integral 20K ohm NTC temperature output
  • Advanced RTU retrofit solution integration
  • C7262 CO2 Sensors
Reliable performance
  • CO2 Sensors offer a fixed 0-2000ppm & fixed 0-10Vdc output - No adjustments are necessary
  • Determine ventilation need with JADE Economizer controllers and measure CO2 concentration in ventilated spaces or ducts
  • Available in wall mount (C7632A) or duct mount (C7232B)
  • Used in ventilation & AC systems to control the amount of outdoor air supplied
  • Advanced RTU retrofit solution integration
  • Product Resources for C7632 CO2 Sensor
Simple and easy installation for any application
  • Space temperature sensor with optional optional humidity or CO2 detection
  • Sylk enabled to save installation time
  • Simple two-wire, polarity insensitive bus simplifies wiring and frees up crucial inputs and outputs
  • Compatible with Spyder Sylk-enabled controllers and JADE Economizers
  • Sleek design with an easy-to-use interface
  • Models available with and without a display and with or without humidity and/or CO2
  • Integrated CO2 sensor allows for Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) to reduce building operating costs
  • Great for retrofits using just two existing wires
  • Advanced RTU retrofit solution integration
  • Zio Lite Wall Modules