Onsite services to ensure proper metering system function
  • E-Mon Energy software installed by Honeywell E-Mon field service technician on the designated PC
  • Service technician makes final termination of the communication network and spot-checks installed meters on location
  • Verify communication gateway between hardware and software
  • Hands-on training of the E-Mon Energy software includes: database setup (meters and customers), billing template selection and customization, generation of bills, graphs and reports
  • Product Resources for Start-Up Services
Reliable energy-use allocation and billing to property managers and tenants.
  • Turn-key installation and meter reading of electric Submeters, utility meters, gas, water, steam and BTU meters
  • Generates tenant or departmental bills and creates usage profiles
  • Provides daily meter reading, monthly tenant billing and owner summary statements of usage
  • Offers move-in and move-out adjustments as well as automatic rate and tariff updates
  • Product Resources for Meter Reading Services