Built stronger to last longer.
  • Feature heavy-duty airfoil an hat channel frames for dependable operation inside ductwork.
  • Low-profile top and bottom frames
  • Airfoil blades (D1 dampers) or 3-V style blades (D2 and D3 dampers)
  • Galvanized, stainless or aluminum material
  • 12, 14 or 16 gauge
  • Vinyl or silcone blade seals
  • Synthetic, bronze or stainless bearings
  • Steel or stainless axles and linkages
  • Single, double, reverse or no flange
  • Rectangular Dampers
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Tight close off and low leakage
  • 6" to 16" round dampers used in zoning systems
  • Neoprene seal for tight closing and low leakage
  • Oilite bearings for long life
  • 90° damper travel for a variety of applications
  • Available without actuator (DM690) or with factory mounted actuator for simple field installation (DM7600)
  • Maximum approach velocity 2,500 ft/min
  • Temperature range 32°F to 130°F(0°C to 54°C)
  • Round Dampers
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Accurately measure airflow within a duct
  • Allows you to control the amount of outside air coming into the building
  • Meets minimum outdoor air requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62 or California Title 24
  • Features include a sleeve, honeycomb air straightener, pick up tubes, pressure transducer, and optional controller
  • Single sections up to 60" x 48"
  • AMD-23, AMD-33, AMD-42 models are AMS factory installed into a D1, D2 or VCD-42 damper and a standard modulating actuator
  • Product Resources for Airflow Measuring Stations (AMS)
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Customized for your application needs
  • If you need a custom damper, contact the Take-Off Service at takeoff.service@honeywell.com or call (888) 664-4092
  • Examples of custom dampers include large round dampers, insulated control dampers, heavy duty dampers, aluminum dampers, balancing dampers and backdraft dampers
  • Custom Dampers
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