The versatility to control more systems
  • First unitary controller that can be freely programmed with Niagara 4, supporting online changes via MS/TP
  • Relay Output come standard for faster, simpler wiring and eliminating the need for external relays in most cases
  • Supports HVAC and fast light/blind solutions via internal I/Os
  • 24-hour data backup protects against loss of project data
  • Built-in 24VAC power output eliminates the extra cost of an external power supply
  • 4 Mbyte flash memory
  • Sylkbus support (TR40 & TR42)
  • No license required
  • Product Resources for Spyder Model 5 Controllers
Delivers powerful control, day in and day out
  • Select from standard size Spyder or Spyder Micro, which offers a smaller footprint and reduced I/O count
  • Programmable to a wide variety of equipment types
  • Service and wiring is fast and easy with removable terminal strips which enable wiring when the controller is mounted in hard-to-reach locations
  • Color-coded input/output labels make connections and troubleshooting easy
  • Internal real-time clock and DC power supply
  • Optional integrated actuator saves installation time
  • Compatible with existing sensors, Zio wall modules or TR20 series wall modules
  • Product Resources for Spyder Classic Controllers