Light Commercial Tech innovation

Trends! Little buildings go big

Don’t judge a small space by its size.

The light commercial market – buildings between 5,000 and 50,000 square feet are not just mini-me’s of their larger counterparts.

By thinking big about small buildings, everyone from contractors to owners to tenants benefit in a big way.

Here’s how:

0919 house1. Home sweet office

The idea: As the boundary between work and home disappear, we expect everything around us to be intuitive and indispensable. From a hardware store to a conference room, the best technology aligns with the mobility, ease of use and simplicity of a smartphone.

The result: Stronger building management and business outcomes.

0919 cloud2. Keep in touch

The idea: No onsite facility manager? No problem! Busy service contractors can utilize remote monitoring services. The cloud enables real-time information sharing in the field so they can respond to, diagnose and resolve issues quickly.

The result: More efficient and productive service contractors and happy building occupants.

0919 data chart3. Data to the rescue

The idea: When a single HVAC unit is operating abnormally, how do you know? Help is on the way! In the form of data analytics tools. They simplify complex data and identify and diagnose issues before they become business-disrupters.

The result: You’re psychic! If an HVAC unit is using 30 percent more energy than it should, you can find out before an (angry!) building occupant gets a bill.



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