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Is your smartphone a SUPERHERO?

What’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to automate tall and small buildings in a single swipe?

image001Your smartphone! (At least for the last point.)
We checked in with Steve Heckler, the Building Automation and Controls Business Development Manager at Enervise in Dayton, Ohio.

Here’s why his smartphone is most essential tool:

Power type: Mutation — there’s an app for everything!
With younger workers, systems and technologies need to act like today’s consumer products. It can work just fine, but people lose interest if the technology doesn’t have the right look.

Power type: Teleportation — work from anywhere!
People are increasingly trusting the power of mobility and their smart phones to make changes in a building, even if they’re not there to physically flip a switch or pull a lever.

Power type: ESP — communicate without a phone!
Younger property managers want to be able to get into their systems themselves—but they want to be able to do it remotely. And forget a phone call; it’s more about “How much can I accomplish without having to talk to someone?”

Power type: Superhuman speed — do more with less!
I can do most of my job on my phone. I rarely use paper. I can save a file in the cloud, for example, and it’s faster to retrieve. I can get everything instantly, and I take comfort in that. If my battery dies, I can’t work nearly as fast!

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