Control Ball Valves

Cover every application with one control valve brand
  • VBN/VBF Control ball valves control hot and chilled water in HVAC systems to provide two-position, floating, or modulating functions.
  • Order them with or without factory-mounted non-spring return or spring return direct-coupled actuators.
  • Flanged control ball valve offering available (VBF)
  • Accurate flow control
  • Simplified actuator selection with a large range of Cvs
  • Built for safety and endurance with a blowout-proof stem to withstand high pressure and optional NEMA 3R enclosure for weatherproofing
  • Field replaceable stem allows valve to be serviced and replaced on the pipe
  • Threaded 2-Way models up to 3" and 3-Way models up to 2-1/2"
  • Parabolic flow insert constructed into the ball provides high quality seals and precise control
  • Multi-actuator mounting bracket allows the same bracket to be utilized on all valves
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