Energy Meters

The more you know about energy usage from specific equipment, areas or tenants, the more you can look for energy-saving opportunities or provide tenant-specific billing. Submetering allows facility managers to track energy costs by area, department, tenant and an individual piece of equipment when used with a building management system (BMS). The information can be used for creating an overall energy-savings plan, allocating costs and more. Honeywell submeters provides instant information right at the installed location and work seamlessly with other controllers so compatibility with the BMS is never an issue.

Collage submeter
Din mon energy meter honeywell
Space-Saving Power & Quality
  • Simple programming done at the face of the meter
  • LED display shows amps and voltages per phase
  • Measures both 50 and 60 Hertz
  • Din-rail mounted
  • LonWorks and BACnet compatible
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Identifies energy waste
  • Tracks proper operation of equipment
  • Helps buildings allocate energy usage to specific tenants
  • Product Resources for Din-Mon Submeters
H series
Make the invisible, visible for true energy management
  • Performance monitoring to measure energy usage before and after implenting an energy-savings plan
  • Monitor main circuits/panels to determine where energy is being used
  • Tenant submetering to track tenant consumption for billing purposes
  • Cost allocation to monitor multiple points in a building to divide utility bills based on department consumption
  • On the spot readings provide instant information right at the installed location
  • Work with a variety of building automation systems
  • Works with WEBs-AX Energy Analytics, Tenant Billing and E-mon Energy Software
  • Product Resources for H-Series Sub-Meters
Interval data recorder
Easily collect energy data
  • Honeywell IDR Interval Data Recorders collect and store interval energy data from meters in time-stamped intervals for later download
  • Reads and records up to 8 or 16 energy meters
  • Maintains data in case of power outage
  • Multiple commnication options
  • Product Resources for Interval Data Recorder
Sxb series
Precise metering and current transformers in a single package
  • From load shedding to cost allocation to energy management, Honeywell SXB Series submeters work with a variety of building automation controllers to provide building managers with information and energy-saving flexibility.
  • Simple installation using split core current transducers
  • Output types: 4-20 mA, Pulse, Modbus, or Lon
  • Measure real-time readings of 26 different points
  • Product Resources for SXB Series Energy Meter