E-Mon Energy Software

Accurately monitors interval energy data across a variety of applications.
  • Monitors Honeywell E-Mon Submeters on- or off-site
  • Use data for tenant billing/allocation, departmental allocation, common area management, demand/energy analysis, equipment maintenance programs, M & V for LEED certification, and other green building initiatives
  • Transmits data back to a central computer
  • Provides graphical profiling for 5, 15, 30 or 60-minute sampling rates
  • Generates analytical charts and graphs of energy and demand usage
  • Creates itemized electric bills (using coincidental peak demand date and time)
  • Generates bills from user-specific time periods via profile data
  • Reads all Honeywell E-Mon meters via IDRs and Smart Meters directly
  • Reads gas, water, BTU and steam meters for billing purposes and graphically displays usage
  • Exports spreadsheet data (.csv) for analysis and to MV-90 tems (.hhf)

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