CIPer™ Model 50 Controller

Seamless control and expansion
  • Expansion capabilities up to 2,500 points for scalable HVAC plant control
  • Multi-network protocol
  • Onboard configurable display
  • Built-in energy management functions, including metering (Modbus)
  • Built-in alarms, schedules, trends, histories, graphics/schematics, email, SMS
  • HVAC Application Library for unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Continuous adaptation to building characteristics for optimized performance
  • Separate wiring sockets for quick exchange without rewiring
  • Compact mixed I/O modules
  • 1,000+ physical I/Os, plus distributed mounting of I/O modules (up to 2400 ft / 800 m)
  • 26 on-board I/O terminals
  • Two-port IP switch